C# Programming Course

Learn to Code in C#.NET

C# (pronounced as c-sharp) is a modern, Pure object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft and currently serving in industry for developing enterprise level applications. It is use to develop Software, Secure Web applications and thanks to MAUI platform it is also serving in smart phone (ios/android) application development, C# is also getting programmers attention for web APIs.

Why One Should Learn it

C# is one of the most demanding and highly paid programming language.

C# is easy to learn and its IDE Visual Studio provide luxury environment to developer.

It is close to C++ and Java which make it easy for programmers to switch between programming languages.

By the end of this course, You will be able to. .

  • Develop and debug C# programs with confidence.
  • Trouble shoot Programming errors
  • Develop complete desktop applications and install them to client PC.
  • Use MS Sql Server with C# Desktop application.
  • Apply OOP and Create Databases.

Price: 13,000 Pkr