Terms & Conditions


1 – Our all courses have 3 days a week classes rule, Which means a course of duration 02 months will have total 24 classes.

2 – If a student of the class is absent, He will get the last recorded lecture in His next class.

3 – If more than 50% class is absent we will consider that day off and teacher is not bound by rule to repeat the lecture of that day again.

4 – if up to 50% class take leave one day before the class, Teacher will repeat that class but only 3 leaves are allowed in whole course.

5 – Consider first class as your Demo class, Student is suppose to submit the fee within 1st 3 classes or we will not allow him to take further classes.

6 – We bound our students ethically to not redistribute our recorded lectures.

7 – We will not return fee after submission, you have 3 days including demo classes to take the decision wisely if you are interested in course or not.

8 – We are not accredited by any government/private institute yet, We can provide you certificate of completion* only (on demand).

*A Certificate issued by the institute to the individual stating that he has successfully completed the course. Certificate of completion doesn’t necessarily means institution is accredited with any government/private institute.