WordPress and SEO

Learn to Web Development and SEO

WordPress is one of the most demanding skill now a days you can develop a professional website for the business, blog or a shopping cart without any kind of coding and the SEO going to help you in getting rank.


Why one Should Learn it

Sometime your client may ask you to develop a site instantly and provide all the features which a professional site should have, You can’t do this with coding in short period of time, That is where your WordPress skills going to help you in developing a blog for news reporter, Cheff or creating shopping site for a big brand where as the other part of the course 

By the end of this course, You will be able to. .

  • Develop good looking official sites.
  • Develop shopping cart for any brand with ability to keep record of orders.
  • Develop blogging site for any individual or a team.
  • Do complete SEO of a site.
  • Do SEO of YouTube Channel (Bonus).
  • Do hosting of site.

Price: 8,000 Pkr